Roman God Jupiter

Roman God JupiterThe Roman god Jupiter sitting on his eagle and hurling lightning bolts from the heavens. Being a section of a larger painting, a mask can be seen to the left, held by the god Apollo and the staff of Mercury is visible held by the god to the right.

The painting is about the illicit affair between Venus and Mars attended by Cupid (detail shown above). Vulcan surprises and traps them with his nets. The gods Apollo, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune and Hercules come to jeer at the lovers.

Other details of the painting: | whole painting | Detail of Cupid | Jupiter | Mercury | Venus & Mars |

The original painting is for sale at $650. Limited ed. signed copies @ $75 + p&p. Measures 25cm x 17.7cm. Ink and Watercolour on Paper. Painted by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia. Contact Us.

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