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Map of Ancient Rome

A map of ancient Rome as it was viewed through Medieval eyesA Map of Ancient Rome as it was seen through Medieval eyes. This copy omits the churches which were of interest to the pilgrims who visited Ancient Rome.

In common with maps of the period the objective was to show major sites in relation to one another so that pilgrims visiting ancient Rome could easily navigate around the churches. Further navigation assistance was provided by shifting the tall and easily visible ancient roman obelisks to stand in front of the more important churches.

Map of ancient Roman Roads and Empire - Tabula PeutingerianaHowever, we shouldn't think that maps of ancient Rome were a strictly medieval invention: the Romans themselves developed and regularly used maps.

This map of ancient Rome clearly shows the Colosseum and the Forum stretching from it towards bottom left of the page. Note the triumphal arches.

The Palatine hill is shown undern the Colosseum, flanking the Forum to one side and the Circus Maximus on the other.

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