Hadrian Wall Map

Picture map of Hardians wall and Roman BritainThe first Roman to foray into Britain was Julius Caesar in 55BC with a second shot the following year. However growing unrest in Gaul caused him to leave his conquest behind with a worthless treaty which the Britons soon ignored.

The mad emperor Caligula is also said to have made it across to British shores but to have abandoned the campaign in preference for shell picking.

The region was only really subjected to Roman rule by Emperor Claudius in 43AD. The northern boundary was established between the Tyne and Solway river mouths. Emperor Hadrian had this border consolidated with the famous "vallum" better known to us as Hadrians wall. The map shows where Hadrian's wall was. The wall had 17 fortified camps along its length.

Emperor Antoninus Pius had the border pushed north in 142AD, not long after Hadrian, but under the reign of Commodus some 40 years later it was shifted back south in preference for Hadrians wall.

Britain was of primary interest for its mining. Strabo tells us that the primary goods coming from the British Isles included cereals, cattle, gold, silver, fur, slaves and excellent hunting dogs. Lead was found in great quantities so much so that production had to be limited by law. Gold was mined in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. Silver, Tin and Copper could be found in numerous areas.

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