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  Pictures of the Colosseum in Rome

Get our free screensaver of Pictures of the Colosseum and Circus, including many of the images below, amongst others.

b&w pictures of the Colosseum Ancient print of an ancient Roman circus like the Colosseum Pictures of the Colosseum


A picture map of the Roman ColosseumA picture map of the Roman Colosseum. A lovely section of the Roman Colosseum.This is one of the best pictures I have put together of the Colosseum. It is a section of the building and of the ground under it! Emperor Claudius' amphitheatre or roman colosseumThe Amphitheatre of Claudius
A map of Ancient RomeA map of ancient Rome with the Colosseum at the centre A Christian being slayed by a Lion in the ColosseumA christian sent to death ab bestias. A Lion attacking a Venator gladiatorA gladiator defending himself from an attacking lion.
A gladiator defending himself from wild beasts in the Circus MaximusA gladiator defending himself from wild beasts in the Circus Maximus A Retiarius and Secutor gladiators joustingA Retiarius and Secutor gladiators jousing. The lanista looks on to referee the match. gladiator_helmet_romeA gladiator's bronze helmet found at Pompeii
gladiator_armor: the helmetThe helmet was an essential element of armor for certain types of gladiator gladiator_shield_bronzeA bronze gladiator's shield gladiatorsGladiators fighting at a funeral.

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written and published by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia for holiday accommodation and apartments in Rome and Italy. Pictures of the Colosseum in Rome