Literature and Theatres

Literature and Theatres

antique roman history antique roman history

The general simplistic understanding is that Roman literature and theatre were essentially a Greek derivative, but there is more to the subject than the influences of style. Roman literature and theatre intercepts with aspects of literacy, wealth and wealth distribution across social classes. Roman literature can only have reached us because there was sufficient educated readership to cause its publication, positive criticism and resource commitment for its reproduction. The fact that it has reached us attests to the successful intersection of quality, audience and environment. Likewise Roman theatre went through periods of development, hand in hand with the development of writing, increasing Roman wealth and a sufficiently educated population to enjoy it. It could only thrive so long as there was an appreciative and numerically sufficient public to consume it. Formal theatre declined once those conditions were no longer met.
Roman society developed from an archaic period when literacy was minimal and writing was not commonly used for the production of literature (since there was no public to appreciate it) through to one where education was readily available to most.


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