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Farnese (2 + 2 extra) Rome centre:

Visit the splendours of the eternal city without the need for a car. Just step into the ancient past.

Rome by bike
Rome Markets
Rome church opening times
Casa Banzo (4,4,2,2)
Rome's water
Rome and Carnival (February)
Casa Pascucci (2) Christmas in Rome
Rome's sundials and clocks
Rome's Barber Shops
Rome Loads of articles about the eternal city
Romulus (4) Rome countryside:

Rome was built on seven hills. The surrounding countryside has much to offer the visitor: Hill-towns, medieval villages, lost temples and Roman villas are but some of the things to be discovered. Ancient Rome is but a step away. 

Rome and wines
See the ancient shops, baths and theatre at Lucus Feroniae
Ostia Antica and Other trips
Castles around Rome
A walk around Torrita Tiberina
Remus (2 + 2 extra)
Trevignano (2+2,2)
Podere Casilino (10+2) Lazio region:

Villages, medieval towns, lost cities, Etruscan villas and burial cities. Perhaps the odd day trip to the lakes, the sea or even further afield to nearby Tuscany.

Lake Bolsena and surroundings.
Viterbo "City of Popes. Medieval city often forgotten by mass tourism but well worth a visit.
Montalto di Castro (4)
  More Valentano Bronze age origins in charming settings. Close to lake and sea.
Valentano (4)
Farnese and Alto Lazio Visit the Latium-Umbria-Tuscany borderlands.
Capodimonte Small and extremely charming lakeside village very close to Med coast.
Trevignano (2+2,2)
Caprarola Visit the pentagonal Farnese palace built to host Popes, Kings and Cardinals.
Canino fantastic Olive oil: peppery and rich green in colour. The best. Strong Etruscan presence all around.
Podere Casilino (10+2) Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches

The regions primarily known for the Rennaisance, rolling hills, olive groves and medieval towns. The likes of Florence, Spoleto, Perugia, Assisi, Arezzo and Siena require little if any introduction.

Firenze-Santa Trinita (4)'
Recanati (2)
By Theme:
Montalto Marina (4) The Ancient Etruscans:

The pre-Roman civilisation famous for its trade with ancient Greece. Much is to be found in the areas north of Rome.


Upper Latium ("Alto Lazio") and in particular in the locality of Vulci.

Walk amongst the mosaics or see the tombs and sarcophagi at the ancient necropolis of Norchia.

Valentano (4)
Podere Casilino (10+2)
  Ancient Rome Ancient Rome and more
  Roman Cuisine and Recipes Rome's Recipes (part1)
Rome's Recipes (part2)
Chestnut Recipes from Rome
  Christmas in Rome Christmas in Rome