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So you're looking for a Rome guide book, perhaps you'd like to try a few pages in your back pocket or to download your perfect ancient Rome guide for free? or alternatively just store one of the more popular Rome guidebooks shown below into your luggage?

Getting the right Rome guide is no easy thing: most visitors end up surprised at the huge amount of things to see in the city and while it might sound cliché to say so: a few days are not enough, but you will only understand what I mean when you actually get to the city and experience that overwhelming sensation of "too much to see - too little time"!

The beauty of Rome is it's sense of discovery which lies round every single corner of the city so that even though you might blinker yourself to the "major sites" it's actually impossible to do so successfully. There is not a single Rome guide out there that can cover all aspects, even superficially without becoming a serious wedge of paper. So this is where we suggest you take a plan B approach (and it's free, lightweight and easily stored).

A free Rome Guide with a slant: use a simple crib sheet you can keep in your back pocket

So, we thought we'd write up a free Rome guide which you can download, the beauty is you can take the bits that interest you and put them in your back pocket. We suggest that a great piece to take instead of a full guide to Rome is the timeline of Roman history because, like a crib-sheet at school it allows you to easily short-cut what you're seeing and where to place it in history. Just a few sheets of A4 will do more for you than any bluffer's guide to Rome:

We also give a quick access to some of the more popular Rome guides although they're not free):

  • You can download our "VADE-MECUM Rome free" guide to Rome: MSWord Version | Zip Version.

  • You can take  or by running a search above.

  • Some of the better guides out on the market:

To see further information about the guides  below - roll over the guide books with your mouse.
Rick Steve's guide to Rome. Recently gained a great deal of popularity and overtook Frommers. A matter of taste. Approximate price: $13

The popular "Frommers" guide. Hardly requires introduction. Approximate price $10. Probably thanks to the volumes they manage to sell.

Less known and more intellectual. Nice to have a different perspective and focus on what made the city great. Approximate Price: $15.

Rome guidebook feedback

 Please write any questions or feedback you may have regarding the Rome guide books - it's great help to us and we do our best to incorporate the advice for future visitors!


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