Farnese Apartment Map

 Ancient map of ancient Rome including the Farnese apartment The pink spot marks the whereabouts of the Medieval/Renaissance piazza Farnese and the apartment just by it. 

This is a map of a portion of ancient Rome. You can see emperor Hadrian's huge tomb across the river to the left. This later became the papal fortress of Castel St. Angelo.

The Colosseum is top right. The Pantheon is in the centre. The Circus Agonalis is just below that. It later became Piazza Navona. The Tiber island is on the bend to the right.

After the fall of Rome the population shifted towards the river and hence the medieval and renaissance development of the city around that area. Piazza Campo de Fiori, between Piazza Farnese and Piazza Navona was a market - the inquisition burned a few heretics on the stake there.  St.Peter's was/is across the river off the edge of the map to the left.

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