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I wrote to the managing director/car broker and asked a number of questions about what was the true value of their rental cars offer and this is what he replied.....

"Because we are a car hire (ed. car rental) brokerage, we deal with many suppliers throughout Spain, Portugal & Italy.  The huge volumes of bookings that we process enable us to negotiate a very good deal, this means cheaper prices for your clients than if they go directly to our suppliers. Also, we have more included in our prices than anyone else:

We are known for our excellent customer service. We have the ability to sort out any problems quickly and easily. Unlike other companies, our prices really are fully inclusive and there are no hidden extras.

We do not use Axxx or Hxxx or Exxx as these companies generally charge a lot more and have more additional charges on arrival.

The prices to your clients are competitive in comparison to major car hire companies, other brokers etc.  I do not object to you displaying the details and benefits of our product again others."

Editors' note: Looks and sounds good in car rental terms and given that he didn't object with me displaying the details I have done so. But in any case I still suggest you check out my car rental comparison page to see what you could get elsewhere.....

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