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Italy property for Sale

Italy Property for Sale

A range of support services for property purchase in Italy. From DIY property search to bespoke research, from services based on % commission through to performance based contracting. There's a tailored solution to fit individual needs.

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Italy property sale

"Italy property for Sale" is a route to a comfortable retirement hideaway for many. To others it is a means of investing some capital as well as making a return through self-catering holiday rentals.

As countries such as Spain and France become relatively saturated our demand for property for sale in Italy is steadily growing.

Whilst Tuscany gains its nickname "Tuscanyshire"...

...there are many pockets of opportunity in Italy which in other countries seem to be drying up.

To meet this we have developed simple services which can be matched to individual needs:
Italy property services

Support Services:

There are 2 property support service fomulas:

1) The Standard service provides searching and ground support when you come over to Italy as well as a range of assistance with the actual purchasing process.

Use of our partners constitutes a larger percentage of the research work than the innovative service below. The Standard service is charged as a % of the final purchase price with a minimum fee. This means that you only pay us if we actually find you your chosen property. This makes it simple but potentially expensive for the buyer given that a couple of % of the final purchase price can be quite a handsome figure.

2) Our innovative services are a hybrid of the DIY and Standard service strategy: You pick and mix the help you require. The services provide you with specific goal-driven support focused on keeping the final purchase price down. We are remunerated on a task- by- task basis and the task goals are set with you from the very beginning.

Given that you specifically pay us for the time and results of the work undertaken we can safely commit more of our own internal research capability. This greatly increases the average success rate of viewing trips and helps contain the overall cost of purchase by a few % points: quite a handsome figure in your pocket.

If you can commit, then we can commit and you can reap tangible benefits.

Italy property services

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DIY Property Viewing

Doing some research work yourself is always more than worthwhile, so here are some leads to start you off...

In any case it is impossible to embark on a venture without having a feel for what you are about so it is always worthwhile doing a little DIY research first to get a feel of the market (see links below).... We also include a brief description of the property buying process in Italy which includes the general costs involved, as well as a property search form which you can fill in to get things going further and faster.

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Italy property services

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