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Property for sale in Italy - Standard Service

We provide two distinct property search and support services. Both of them aimed at finding foreign buyer-customers their chosen property and assisting them in the purchase process. They differ in their focus and means of remuneration.

  1. The Standard Service (described further below) provides a range of support in exchange for a % of the final purchase price. This is a relatively common approach in the industry.
  2. The Innovative Service is focused on achieving specific results with a general aim of keeping the overall purchase price down. We are not paid a % of the final purchase price either
Alternatively you may....

The Standard Service

Our family has been in the holiday property development and sale business for well over 40 years, principally in the Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany regions of Italy. With the Standard Service we provide local support and assistance for foreign buyers looking to purchase a property in Italy.

The benefit to you, the buyer, is through the commodity of having an awful lot of legwork done by locals without actually having to be in Italy yourself. And when you do come over you have some local support to help you make the most of the trip. This is not insignificant:

Did you know that the average buyer will make some 5-6 visits to Italy before actually reaching the purchase stage? If only one could achieve more from fewer trips....

The Standard Service includes:

We speak native English - contact us by phone.

Prices and charges

The Standard Service is charged at 2% of the final property purchase price with a minimum fee of GBP3000.

Pre-purchase services such as accommodation, logistics, translation services etc are charged at hourly rates and later discounted from the final fee should you purchase through us.

Further post-purchase services, such as those listed below are charged case by case according to the entity of the work in question.

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We try our best to help, but if you can't find what you're after, feel free to try the competition...

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