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Land for sale in Italy

Land for Sale in Italy

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Location Property Type Notes Approx. Size Price (Euros) Email
Lazio/Tuscany border near lake and sea Land with planning permission Various plots of land with planning permission: 1mc/sqm As you like according to size gms
Hazelnut Grove 375 Hazelnut trees. Several Olive & other fruit trees.  1 ha 35,000 fpL1
Lake Bolsena - near Tuscany border with Lazio Land with planning permission for 10,000 mc. Infrastructure already in place. 1 ha 3M fpL2
Aprilia Land with p.p. Permission for Commercial buildings 58,000mc 5.8M fpL3
Castelnuovo di Porto
Land with p.p. Permission for shopping mall. 75,000sqm fpL4
Grottaferrata Land with p.p. Residential 750sqm 1.4M fpL5
Latina Land with buildingp Commercial 17,000sqm 1.5M fpL6
Puglia (Ginosa) Agricultural business Farming 117ha 5.5M fpL7
Parma Land with p.p. Approved projects for 18 buildings (71 units) + car parking + recreational centre. 10,310sqm 5M fpL8
Teramo Tourism - 4 floors (41 units) 3,346sqm 1.5M fpL9
Pomezia Land with p.p. Building project for Residence/Hotel/Clinic 121,805mc 1.5M fpL10
Pomezia Land with p.p. Warehousing & apartments for office use 4,500 sqm 1.75M fpL11
Rome Land with p.p. Via Anagnina - Hotel 2,100 sqm 1.2M fpL12
Rome Land with p.p. Via Prenestina - Various buildings/uses 108,630 sqm 16.8M fpL13
Sabaudia (Rome) Land with p.p. Residential - 21 Villas + Hotel with 40 rooms. 13,000 mc 3M fpL14

Assisi Villa with Views

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