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Paris, Montmartre - rue des Martyrs and rue Victor Masse'

Paris, Montmartre - Quick tour of "Rue des Martyrs" and "Rue Victor Massť

View over Paris roof tops to Sacre Coeur at the top of Montmartre.Rue des Martyrs goes straight up Montmartre hill. Straight to the top where it is said Martyrs' bones were found in ancient times - hence the name of the street and the name "Montmartre" (Hill of the Martyrs). Nowadays, the street is full of hussle and bustle. Markets, cheese shops, wine shops, bakeries, chocolaterie and so on. Refreshingly Parisian every day life goes on here making  even the staunchest of tourists feel like a local. It looks straight up to Sacre Coeur basilica.

a collage of some windows around the immediate area in Paris. Views of montmartre would be a good name for it!

Should you care to spend your paris vacations chez nous at rue Victor Massť we suggest you look out for some interesting features.... The famous impressionist painter Degas had his last studio on this very street at number 37 on the fourth floor. Mary Cassatt and Renoir also worked here. I believe van Gogh worked/lived on the same street for a time. Toulouse-Lautrec had a studio in the nearby rue Frochot. Gustave Moreau's studio was on the nearby rue de la Rochefoucauld. Rue Laffitte was where Degas' principal dealers had their galleries. Here you would find paintings by Matisse and Picasso also. Wow.

The street was also renowned for its places of entertainment of the kind the above artists would have frequented, such as the exotic cafe' "Le Chat Noir" and "Bal Tabarin" (the subjetc of paintings by Georges Rouault and the Futurist Gino Severini. Our entertainment page includes a period poster of the "Le Chat Noir" which if enlarged suggestively points out "Rue Victor Massť"

This is a beautifully central area of Paris. It is still 'Parisian'. The shops are mostly catering for local tastes: the cheeses, wine, bread and so on. The buildings date back to the 17 and 1800's as may be seen in much of the beautiful stone-work.

travelling to paris, france is easy by eurostar to gare du nord, especially from London Waterloo

The train from London Waterloo to Gare du Nord is ideal: Gare du Nord is only a few tube stops away...

Some of the neighbouring buildings on rue Victor Masse. I believe there must have been a cabaret here once!

Some of the more picturesque buildings on Rue Victor Masse'.

one of mine and maria's most romantic dinners was at this restaurant just down the hill from montmartreOne of the many local restaurants. Good food and typically french! Maria and I like this one because it was particularly romantic to sit there with the bay windows wide open and that cliche' violinist playing his heart out for us.

wonderful architectural details in the tiny paris streets

Amazing stone-work on "every-day" buildings.

here it is: the inimitable MOULIN ROUGE in montmartre, paris, franceDon't forget to visit the Moulin Rouge!

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Quick tour of Rue des Martyrs in Paris Montmartre written and published by Giovanni Milani-Santarpia for - Rome and Paris Vacations