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Painting in Central Italy


An ideal setting for  small painting groups: 

We have a number of accommodation solutions which would allow for groups ranging from 2 - 10 people at extremely affordable cost.

We are also able to offer plenty of advice and help to arrange your own tailor-made artistic itinerary. 

Artists materials and support may be offered or provided for those interested in such a type of tourism (on prior arrangement and request).

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Aa number of elements make this a good artistís break:

  • Strong knowledge of the area
  • A good choice of well equipped accommodation
  • Some space to be used as back-up studio
  • Knowledge of an artistís needs (to add that little zest and a head start)
  • A fabulous and varied range of settings


  • No art teacher is provided per se although if one is needed I will be glad to help find one.
  • Materials may also be provided on request (but with prior notice please).
  • Our knowledge of the area means we can point you in the right direction for plenty of genuine and good food and wine, (at Italian rather than international prices) to make it a pleasant stay.

We will be happy to give indications such that good food and amenities may be found at Italian rather than tourist prices.

Personally, I  prefer to go at the end of February beginnings of March when the weather is most changeable and the skies and seas at their most dramatic. It is least crowded and although the sun is beginning to warm up, the weather is cooler and travel prices are cheaper.

As a ball-park: travel, accommodation and food will cost you in the region of £350 pw. Any teaching charges will be on top, according to the teaching you choose to organise, if any. Stays longer than a week tend to work out at better value per day's painting as the air-fares get spread out.

If you have a group organised and have decided on appropriate accommodation (see below for details) then simply click go to the property brochure you are interested in  (Go to Italy menu above) or immediately fill in the accommodation booking form. Otherwise, simply contact us

The Area:

The Crossroads of Latium, Tuscany and Umbria (central Italy)

 To me the borderlands between Lazio (Rome), Tuscany and Umbria are one of the last areas still open to the sort of discovery felt by the painter-travellers of the 18th and 19th centuries. Lost ancient cities hidden in the undergrowth, mosaics strewn across corn fields and burial grounds carved out of rock faces all set in breath-taking landscape. The local culture and environment still has a great deal of resemblance to what it must have been over a century ago. Click on the map for an enlargement.

The area is in central Italy and more precisely the west-coast of Italy between Rome and Florence, just on the border between Latium (Romeís county), Tuscany and Umbria. However what I am proposing is to avoid the tourist trail and eliminate the barriers placed by the tour operators or limitations of local knowledge in order to allow you direct contact with the colours, the landscape and the culture of Italy.

I have been on holiday around these areas many times and often found myself sketching or painting on the way. Within this document I have included some of my own sketches and photographs of the area in an effort to inspire artists by the sense of mystery and beauty which shrouds these lands. A difficult thing to render is the particular light which I have always maintained is a result of the proximity of sea, lakes and rivers. Light effects such as those emulated by the likes of Turner are definitely not uncommon

Click for Giovanni's notes and tours of the area, including sketches and paintings.

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Approximate Cost of Trip (excluding Teaching Costs if any)

Approximate cost of the trip  per person per week is suggested in the table below:

Rental of flat pp:  £100
Travel - flights pp £120
Travel - car for 4 people pw £460
Food pp (incl 2 restaurant meals): £ 60
TOTAL per person per week:  £360

Please note that the cost information above is purely for indicative purposes and does not constitute an offer. You should consult the property price list for seasonal prices of the property and your local tavel agent for travel prices.

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Teaching and Teaching Costs

If you are an art teacher we would be very happy for you to arrange a class. It would be up to you to charge your students for the class fees. We would be more than happy to help you arrange the classes as well as the trip. Eg provision of props, materials and itineraries/sites.

If you are a student in search for a course then we may be able to help you join a class if one is already arranged or if not why not find a group of friends and we will be happy to help finding you a teacher.

In all cases, teaching or course costs are between teacher and students.


Flights: Some Internet carriers such as Go, EasyJet and Ryannair provide extremely cheap fairs to Rome, Florence or Pisa airports all of which are suitable and often cheaper than the £120 suggested above.

Car Rental: A car is almost certainly necessary if you wish to take full advantage of the area. We can help you rent a car from one of the airports mentioned above. Alternatively we can also consider renting you a private car of our own at a very convenient price. However this car is limited to carrying 4 persons.

Further travel information may be provided in accordance with the accommodation selected.

We have collected links to all the principal travel web sites you might need, including car rental, flights, cheap fare finders etc.

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We have a number of solutions available, all of which give access to those hidden treasures of lost antiquities as well as a variety of breath-taking landscapes.

A brief Descritpion of the accommodation proposed follows....

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Romulus and Remus. Two garden flats in the Rome countryside. Rome centre 40mins. Panoramic views over valley and medieval hilltop village (Castelnuovo di Porto). Group sizes of 2 - 6 people
  • Bedroom 1: double bed

  • Bedroom 2 (Romulus only): 2 x single bed

  • kitchen

  • sitting room (sofa beds available)

  • Bathroom

  • Basic art room

Click for further information and photographs of this accommodation regarding Romulus and Remus

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Montalto di Castro is a roof-top appartment with large terrace around it and wonderful sea views all along the coast. Maximum 5 people:
  • Bedroom 1: double bed

  • Bedroom 2: 3 single beds

  • Work room / studio

  • Open plan sitting room/kitchen

  • Bathroom

Click for further information and photographs of this accommodation regarding Montalto di Castro.

Valentano can offer more bedding than Montalto di Castro - we can make use of more than one apartment and the extremely large basement area is ideal for art work. Maximum 11 people (two apartments). It is situated by woodlands and the huge volcanic lake "Bolsena".
  • Bedroom 1: double bed

  • Bedroom 2: 2 single beds

  • Open plan sitting room with 2 sofa beds

  • Kitchen

  • Large studio

  • Bathroom

Click for further information and photographs of this accommodation regarding Valentano.

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"Podere Casilino" at Orvieto is a typically Umbrian or Tuscan villa surrounded by rolling hills and olive groves....

Ground Floor:

  • Library

  • Dining Room

  • Sitting Room

  • Kitchen

  • Cloak Room

  • Bath Room

First Floor:

  • 5x Double bed room

  • 1x single bed room

  • 2 x Bath room

Click for further information and photographs of this accommodation regarding Podere Casilino.

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