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Sharm El Sheikh

This former booming tourist trap has had an up-hill struggle to get its holiday making reputation back on track. After the attacks of 2005 and the ensuing political unrest, foreign travellers were advised to refrain from flying to the area and many commercial airlines stopped flying there altogether. Now, however, four years on Sharm El Sheikh has made a valiant come back to the tourist scene. With airlines such as Fly Monarch providing regular flights to the city’s thriving airport, it has in fact never been easier to choose Sharm El Sheikh for your Egypt holidays.

One of the reasons for the city’s speedy return as a holiday hotspot is the immense coral reef situated on the Southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula in an area where the water is marvellously clear. These perfect conditions, coupled with the wonderful weather, have made Sharm El Sheikh one of the world’s most prized locations for scuba diving, with pros and amateurs flocking to this coast every year to try their hand at the sport. For the aquatically adventurous traveller this is not to be missed.

Part of Sharm’s recovery process was to lure visitors back with promises of budget holidays and cheap package deals. Unfortunately this has led to a collection of cheesy package deals, complete with substandard food, cringe-worthy entertainments and a rather slap dash view towards local culture. For those who really want to experience something of local life here, it’s best to steer well clear and plan your own trip. It seems likely that as this city’s tourist industry progresses more room will be made for the classier side of tourism and as the economy here continues to strengthen Sharm El Sheikh will be increasingly able to maximise its full potential as a well rounded holiday destination.

Sharm El Sheikh has earned a reputation as a great world chill-out resort. Aside from the in-your-face tourist traps, which are easily evaded, it boasts endless stretches of blissful beachscape, an enticing variety of high quality restaurants featuring some delectable mezze dishes and world class falafel and a surprisingly calm yet gently buzzing night life. In fact, it seems that Sharm El Sheikh is pretty cool these days, in regard to everything except the weather.


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