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With the recession in full swing and seemingly gaining momentum, and both the Euro and the US dollar riding high against the poor pound, foreign holidays probably aren’t at the top of the global agenda right now. But nevertheless, there are still going to be millions of Britons travelling abroad this summer. And with much of Europe suddenly more expensive than it was a few months ago, Turkey and the Turkish lira are looking like a good bet for an affordable holiday this year. Flights to Turkey are not much dearer than flights to Spain, Portugal, or other European hotspots. And did I mention it is also one of the most beautiful and historically rich countries in Eurasia?


Turkey’s geographical location is between the continents of Europe and Asia, and this location means that it holds both Asian and European culture as well. Historically rich and steeped in tradition, Turkey mixes art and culture with a friendly, vibrant atmosphere. Historic sites such as Pergamom and Ephesus remain some of the most awe-inspiring examples of Greco-Roman architecture and attract many historically minded tourists. A mixture of Byzantine churches and Ottoman mosques stand testament to the country’s rich and often violent history.


Turkey has a strong Islamic tradition and yet remains a secular and modern state, managing to honour its past while building for its future. The cuisine is fantastic, similar in many ways to Greek cooking. Lamb is cheap and delicious, either in kebabs or stews; meze (like Spanish tapas) is a fun way to eat, with numerous small portions of delightful food such as hummus, olives, and cheese.  Needless to say, any place near or on the coast has fantastic fresh fish and seafood; the Turkish way of life is a refreshing antidote to the hectic pace of modern Britain.


Turkey holidays are available through many tour operators such as Fly Monarch and Thomas Cook, and prices are fairly reasonable Turkey has long been a popular and often cheaper alternative to countries in mainland Europe; the strength of the Euro will ensure that this remains so, certainly this summer.


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