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According to a recent report in The Guardian newspaper, the recent uncovering of an ancient Italian archaeological site is a timely reminder that there is still much to discover about the world we live in. If you haven't yet had a chance to visit Rome, now is the chance - a holiday in Rome provides individuals, couples and families an insight to times long gone - as well as a fun glimpse of a thriving modern national capital and an international cultural hub.

The archaeological site is that of the extensive artificial harbour of Portus, a feature of the Roman world that was dug from the Mediterranean in the second century to serve the needs of the empire's capital. It is located half an hour's drive away from the modern city limits of Rome, close to Fiumicino airport.

Archaeologists have attended to this large hexagonal pond surrounded by marshy ground for over a century, but the site was largely misinterpreted to be warehouses and wharves. Recent findings, including a colossal and finely carved marble head thought to be Ulysses, suggest the presence of high profile and elaborately decorated buildings, including an amphitheatre on the scale of the Pantheon. The site most likely served as an imperial palace where emperors and their distinguished guests checked in before and after travelling overseas. So in essence archaeologists believe that they've discovered an ancient predecessor to today's Rome hotels, albeit one that was built and maintained on a far more palatial scale!

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