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Sulla aka Silla

General Sulla, also known as Silla rose in popularity as an officer under Marius - political contention awarded to Sulla the task of going East to defeat Jugurtha and then later a similar feat against Mithridates. This clearly created strong tension between Marius and Sulla which during the crisis of the roman republic degenerated into a devastating civil war and successions of proscriptions and killings of supporters from both camps. It is estimated that some 5000 Roman citisens were killed during this period (other sources suggest 9000).

Sulla or silla, like Marius before him, estblished a new status quo with himself as dictator, including numerous laws, constitutional reform and investments which proved on the whole beneficial to the Roman state, a small example of this being the codification of the cursus honorum - the career path by which roman citizens could reach various positions within the Roman state. Thus, in counter balance to the deplorable and ruthless methods he employed to achieve power he also proved to have some positive virtues amongst which his eventual decision to retire to resign his power and retire to his villa near Puteoli on the bay of Naples, not far from Pompeii.

Sulla died of heavy drinking,likely liver failure or a gastric ulcer which resulted in heavy bleading. Pliny (Bk7 of Natural History) tells us how his flesh ate into itself and caused a horrid death not dissimilar to that which he had caused to others.

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