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Military aspects in the fall of the Roman Empire

The military aspect is often the first and most identifiable reason for the fall of any empire: the loss of a battle or of a war frequently defines at place and a time when one force gains the upper hand on the other. This is not quite the case with the fall of the Roman empire.

There is no single battle which saw the end of the empire but rather a sequence of invasions during a long period of time. In many of these it is also not very clear whether the "invader" is actually a foreign power or an internal one.

The reason for this rather grey evolution has a number of facets:

From a military point of view, right to the very "end" the Romans continued to have great military strength and power both in terms of men and technology. It is estimated that over 400,000 troops were available to the empire of the west when Romulus Augustulus was deposed, but they were for the large part Roman allies, distributed across a vast area, relatively short of resources and unable to act in the highly effective way they were known for when the empire was smaller, united, richer and more "roman".

These aspects of the fall of the Roman empire will be given some further consideration in the following sections:

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