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roman weapons

ancient_roman_soldiersThe antique print to the right shows different types of Roman militia using different types of "roman" weapon. The word "roman" is in inverted commas because of the well known habit of adopting their enemy's weapons and adopting them to their own needs.

A brief list of the principal Roman weapons used by militia is given below.

The list of roman weapons given above is very much a simplification given the great deal of development and variety of war situations the Romans found themselves in. A further section has been added to give greater detail of ancient Roman weapons, their variety and development through time.

The effectiveness of the Roman army through time was the result of many factors amongst which lay their readiness to learn new tactics and equipment from their enemies and then further adapt them for their own particular needs and strengths. As a result of this, many of the weapons and armament which are considered as typically Roman were in fact adaptations of those learned from neighbouring peoples and successive generations of enemies. The list below includes a broad variety of the ancient Roman weapons including their possible provenance and evolution.


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