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roman statues

roman statues

Roman statues are perhaps one of the most evident aspects of antiquity: particularly because the Romans spent a great deal of wealth in reproducing the best works of the Greek masters. This page will include  images of statues and further discussion about roman statues. Incl. that the romans invented the portrait bust which the Greeks never had: what does this tell us of Roman society, Roman ego and most importantly about the approach of Roman collectivity towards the outside world?

The great value which the Romans placed on statues is evidenced that even in the later centuries of the Roman empire, when the decline is considered to have already begun, there were still public positions which were directly involved with the protection and restoration of public artworks, including a specific position for the person in charge of protecting statues against vandalism.

With the fall of Rome statues were reutilised; those of elder men were used as representations of the apostles and saints, an excellent example being the bronze statue of Marcus Aurelius which has survived the ages because considered to be a statue of a saint. Statues of Juno and Minerva were reutilised as statues of the virgin Mary. Statues of youngsters were recycled into representations of the good shepherd or the young Christ. Lambs could be recycled into Bible scenes.

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