Have been trying to distinguish between kinds of farmers solanus soldanus rusticus colonus agricolo aediculario praediarius Semicolonus used in German records Can anyone sort these out. Thanks. Tom


Hi Tom,
hmmm interesting. Have you a context?
Looking in my dictionary:
solanus = easterly wind (ie from where the sun rises). Or perhaps related to solanum (nigrum) which is a plant of the solaneaceae genus - including things like tomatoes and potatoes (which weren't available to the romans though other vegetables of the family were)
rusticus(rusticanus) = coming from the country ie a rural farmer, simpleton, uncouth, uncultured
colonus = farmer in a colony. ie likely a roman soldier given borderlands confiscated from vanquished enemies.
agricolo (I would have expected agricolA) = farmer
aediculario - hmmm this is more to do with building or with temples
praediator is someone who has purchased goods which had been confiscated and sold at auction. So in a farming sense it probably implies someone who purchased the lands which had been confiscated from a previous farmer.
semicolonus - no idea. clearly to do with colonus.
I'd be interested to hear if you found other answers and where you got these terms from.
Let us know how you get on and the best thanks for us is a reference anywhere on the web so other people can also find us!