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Tiber River tributary

Tiber River tributary

The Tiber river has 5 major tributaries along its course which are clearly of great importance in terms of the riverís volume as well as the development of civilisation around the riverís basin. For example one of its tributaries, the Aniene was navigable in ancient times and played an important role in terms of quarying.

The Tiber riverís major tributaries are:

The river is essentially a stream or torrent until it reaches the Nera near Orte.

It is important to note that the 5 tributaries mentioned above are only the major ones. The geography of Rome and the geological structure of Rome is such that once the river reaches the alluvial plane to the north of the city and the hilly region on which the city was built it is relatively close to sea level and hence involves a more complex region of small water courses. In the earliest period of the cityís development the water around the hills of Rome was collected into drainage systems which were gradually covered into underground streams doubling up as the cityís sewage system, the major of these was the "Cloaca Maxima".

Principal tributaries into the river tiber around Rome include:


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