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emperor HadrianAncient roman leaders in chronological order and in alphabetical order:

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Outline map of the Roman EmpireA great emperor, remembered as one of the "Five Good Emperors",  who ruled 117-138AD, during the empire's greatest extension.

The writer of one of the deepest and most sentimental of Roman poems: "Animula Vascula Blandula". A thinker, philosopher and traveller who personally visited the far corners of the empire. One might wonder whether he travelled so far and wide for duty or personal curiosity. Probably both.

He was deeply hurt by the death of his young young friend Antinous after whom he named a city and deified. The Emperor died at a ripe age of progressive illness but was hurt that he could not find a rapid death: those he asked to help him die preferred to die themselves.

Pantheon_architectureHe was a great lover of architecture and left wonderful buildings in his wake such as the temple to the Roman Goddess Venus and Rome at the Colosseum end of the forum, not to mention the Pantheon and its architecture which he rebuilt according to the daring and perfect design we know today. Not to mention the wonderful villa at Tivoli.

Salient elements of research on Hadrian should necessarily include:

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