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Emperor Vespasian

Emperor Vespasian was just what the doctor ordered for the empire's health. After the damage wrought by Emperor Nero and the instability which followed Rome's people had lost faith in the emperors. 

roman_wellUnfortunately for him is probably best remembered for being very careful with the state coffers and in particular for have improved the financial situation by placing taxes on the urine which was collected through public latrines. Urine has well known detergent properties and was used by Roman launderettes. Ever heard of a "Vespasian"?

In actual fact it might be fairer to remember Emperor Vespasian for what is possibly the best known Roman remain: he planned and started the Colosseum over what was previously a lake in Nero's immense villa (the "Domus Aurea"). His primarily objective was to show the people of Rome that not all emperors had to be as bad as Nero before him.

Being a soldier who had worked his way up the ranks he was notably very direct and practical but not lacking in a sense of humour. Apparently his last dying words were:

"Vae, puto, deus fio"

The cremated emperor flies up as an eagle to take his position in the heavens as a deityCripes! I think I may be about to become a God!

This was in allusion to the now ingrained tradition of deifying the "genius" of dead emperors. Read more about Emperor Gods of Rome.

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