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pictures of ancient rome - crown

Pictures of Ancient Rome

pictures of ancient rome - a soldierThis page includes more prints and pictures of ancient Rome beyond those contained in the first page of pictures of ancient Rome.

Title page to an antique book on ancient RomeTitle page of an antique book on Ancient Rome. The antiquities of Rome have inspired every generation since the Empire itself - even the marauding Barbarians. An antique map of Ancient RomeAn antique map of Ancient Rome. We have a small collection of maps of Ancient Rome and Roman Empire maps Picture of the Capitol

Picture of the Capitol in Rome

Picture of a Roman Triumph parade

An ancient Roman triumph parade through a triumphal arch like the arch of Constantine (this thumbnail is a section!)

Several triumphal arches pictures are shown further below.


A print of the PantheonAn antique print of the Ancient Roman Pantheon in Rome. Ancient Roman crowns of honourAncient Roman crowns of honour. For example, Julius Caesar was awarded the crown of Oak leaves in his youth for the valor he showed in battle. Antique print of an Ancient Roman Circus

An ancient Roman circus complete with activities and decorations.

Ancient Roman Religion and fighting before the funeral pyreAn image showing how ancient Roman religion was at the root of gladiatorial shows. The funeral pyre and crowds are in the background.
an antique print of Roman Coinsan antique print of Roman Coins Ancient_Rome_funeralImage of an emperor's funeral in Ancient Rome. ancient roman theatre maskAn ancient Roman theatre mask. roman_actressFull length drawing of a clay figurine of a roman actress. Pompeii.
Ancient_Rome_sacrificeA religious procession and sacrifice in honour of the gods. roman_clothing_stolaDrawing of a Roman woman wearing a Stola. roman_wellA small well in a shop. Possibly to be used for sanitation or drainage. roman_road_romeA roman road made with Basalt blocks. Notice the neatly paved edge.
roman road pavingThe paving on a roman road. roman_wall_opus_reticulatumRoman wall in "Opus Reticulatum" roman_estruscan_wallsAn early Roman or even Etruscan wall made of stone blocks with no mortar. Rome_Bridge_AemiliusThe Pons Aemilius bridge over the Tiber near the Tiber Island.
rostrum from a Roman shipA Roman ship's rostrum. ancient roman shipsA roman ship with its crew. drawing of an ancient roman marble relief showing Achilles and the Sybil. Relief found in Pompeii.Drawing of a marble relief of Achilles standing before the Sybil. From Pompeii. Ancient_Rome_sacrificePortion of an antique print showing the Pantheon temple and a sacrificial procession.
Ancient Roman Clothing: a Roman woman wearing a PallaAntique print of a Roman woman wearing a Palla. Ancient Roman Clothing of MercuryThe Roman god Mercury wearing his stylish traveler's hat. Ancient Roman Clothing for men_palliatusAncient Roman Clothing for men toga_praetextaA patrician boy wearing the sacred toga Preatexta.
toga_servusA slave according to an antique print about Ancient Roman clothing Ancient Roman Clothing: the StolaAntique print of a Roman lady wearing a Stola Ancient Roman wearing a TogaAn ancient Roman wearing a Toga Image of a Roman Emperor wearing a Chlamys and holding the orb of power.Image of the Emperor wearing a Chlamys and holding the orb as symbol of his power over the world.
Roman toga Praetexta with purple stripePicture of a Toga Praetexta with its thick purple stripe around the border. Roman military comander - CoriolanusA roman military comander. See more military images.    
Etruscan fresco of hunting and fishingEtruscan fresco of hunting and fishing. etruscan fresco of a dancerEtruscan dancers & early togas Etruscan fresco of boxers - gladiatorsBoxers and an augur Etruscan fresco of a horseman - AchillesAn etruscan horseman, possibly an allusion to Achilles.
Pantheon_architectureAn antique print of the Pantheon manipulated by computer to show up Architectural features. Rome PantheonWhat the Roman Pantheon looks like today. rome_theatre_balbiAn antique print of an ancient Roman theatre. The Theatre of Balbus. Saint_PeterA view up the Tiber towards Castel St. Angelo and St. Peter's
Emperor Claudius' amphitheatre or roman colosseumEmperor Claudius' amphitheatre. Like the Colosseum but a little smaller! Roman Chariot - a BigaIllustration of an ancient roman biga chariot used at the Circus Maximus. Ancient_Rome_naval_gamesAntique print of an ancient Roman Naumachia:a real life battle ships game!. Spina of the Circus Maximus in RomePrint of the central partition dividing the track in the Circus Maximus in Rome. See next pic for the Obelisk.

The obelisk which stood in the Circus MaximusThe 13C BC Egyptian obelisk symbolizing the sun which stood in the centre of the Circus Maximus. Planted there by Emperor Augustus.

Ancient Rome Circus Maximus - image of a raceA chariot race in Ancient Rome's Circus Maximus - running over the competition at the Metae.... Roman  gladiator history - the earliest gladiators were a form of human sacrifice during Etruscan burialsHistory of the Ancient Roman Gladiators gladiator_helmet_romeA gladiator's bronze helmet found at Pompeii
gladiator_helmetDrawing of an ancient roman gladiator's helmet gladiator_armor: the helmetThe helmet was an essential element of armor for certain types of gladiator gladiator_shield_bronzeA bronze gladiator's shield gladiatorsGladiators fighting at a funeral.
greek_gladiatorA Greek Thracian Gladiator with spear and shield roman_merchant_shipA roman ship An ancient Etruscan chariot from the 4th century BCAn ancient Etruscan chariot for military parades. 4thC BC.

A picture of an ancient Etruscan gladius sword (reproduction)

Ancient Greek ArmorPicture of ancient Greek armor made of bronze Ancient Greek bronze helmet A clay figurine of an ancient roman gladiator ancient roman theatre actorClay figurine of a theatre character with tamborine
ancient roman theatre actor wearing a maskAncient roman clay figurine of a theatre character ancient roman theatre actor wearing a maskAncient roman clay figurine of a theatre character - putting on his mask? ancient roman theatre masksAncient roman theatre masks - from clay figurines Sketch of an ancient roman water pump.
A picture map of the Roman ColosseumA top view of the Colosseum A lovely section of the Roman Colosseum.A section view of the Colosseum and below A view of Constantine's triumphal arch and the Colosseum behind. View of the Colosseum's arches
A Christian being slayed by a Lion in the ColosseumA christian sent to death ab bestias. A Lion attacking a Venator gladiatorA gladiator defending himself from an attacking lion. A gladiator defending himself from wild beasts in the Circus MaximusA gladiator defending himself from wild beasts in the Circus Maximus A Retiarius and Secutor gladiators joustingA Retiarius and Secutor gladiators jousing. The lanista looks on to referee the match.
The triumphal arch of Constantine by the Colosseum. Triumphal arch of TitusThe triumphal arch of Titus. Built by his brother Domitian to commemmorate the taking of Jerusalem. The arch of Septimius Severus in the Forum.  

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