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Areas of Rome Within these pages we try to cover as many aspects as possible of all that is Rome or Roman. Let us know with an email if there is something specific that you are looking for. Alternatively you might try a Rome search.

Visiting Rome:

Rome History  

Rome areas:

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Rome in detail: history and monuments

Rome monuments

Capitoline hill (Campidoglio)

The Roman Forum


The Forums

Campo dei Fiori & Piazza Navona

Isola Tiberina


Pantheon area

Piazza del Popolo & Piazza di Spagna


Villa Borghese and Villa Giulia

Esquiline Hill

Caelius Hill

Quirinal Hill

Roman Bridges

Forum Boarium

Aventine Hill


The Campus Martius

The Palatine Hill

Trastevere and Giannicolo Hill


EUR & Modern Rome


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